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                Abbreviation:SHUANG XING
                Stock code:002585

                About SHUANG XING

                Since its establishment, Shuangxing New Materials has always set up a good market reputation in the film industry with good service concept, excellent product quality and thoughtful after-sales service, and formed a market-oriented, multi-channel and three-dimensional sales service model.

                Science and technology are the primary productive forces

                Corporate culture

                Corporate honor

                thousand m2 + Senior technicians

                Established in 1997, Jiangsu Shuangxing Color Plastic New Materials Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and import and export trade of advanced polymer composite products. It has four major production bases, namely, China Bi-directional Tensile Film Industry Base, National Torch Suqian Film Characteristic Industry Base and China Light Industrial Plastics Company.

                News information

                Focus on SHUANG XING news, familiarize yourself with industry trends, and keep abreast of the SHUANG XING around you.

                  Product Center

                  Always with good service concept, excellent product quality, thoughtful after-sales service, set up a good market reputation in the film industry.