Liberating Dixie

    An Editor’s Life, from Ole Miss to Obama

    Welcome. Permit me to tell you about myself and this book. I retired in 2008 after nearly a half-century in journalism, beginning in Mississippi and ending as editor of The Charlotte Observer’s editorial pages. I (immodestly, I know) believe this book assembles some interesting, perhaps even illuminating, writing that otherwise would vanish into the obscurity of yesteryears' newspapers. Read it and see if you agree.

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Liberating Dixie

Hardcover, 256 pages

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    • Dierdre Parker Smith

      And it’s uncommonly good to read Williams’ strong voice. He wrote with authority and confidence. He backed up his opinions with research and fair comment. He took plenty of heat over the years, yet the burns never made Read Full Review »
    • Linda C. Brinson

      Ed Williams was driven by an idealistic belief that newspaper editorial pages have an obligation to tell people the truth about what's happening in their world, even if that truth is unpopular, unpleasant or widely Read Full Review »
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      Hodding Carter

      Ed Williams is a longtime newspaperman who never lost the passion that brought him into the craft. Passionate about the explicit and implicit promises of the American creed and no less passionate about the need to Read Full Review »
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      Tom Hanchett

      Witty -- and wise. An easy, relaxed voice -- with a firm moral vision.  Ed Williams' writings over a lifetime as a newspaperman in Carolina and Mississippi pull us anew into the history-making moments and on-going Read Full Review »
    • William Ferris

      William Ferris

      Liberating Dixie is a wonderful blend of courage and humor. From his first work as a journalist with Hodding Carter's Delta Democrat Times in Greenville, Mississippi, to his many years at The Charlotte Observer in North Read Full Review »
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